What is Disco Music

When you say 'Disco' to most people, it conjures up visions of Bee Gees, Abba, YMCA, I Will Survive....music yes but not what this period was all about - the energy, the groove, the funk, the lifestyle. The time cannot be recreated, but the music lives on - and goes so much deeper then most people's misconceptions of this era. I was there, as a teenager, deeply passionate about the music, clubbing, in London, LA, NYC and Paris, living the life and experiencing hearing what are now 'classics' for the first time and connecting in a way that can only be described as spiritual with the music. I want to share that emotion, that feeling with others, hence my radio shows, as well as play the music to an appreciative audience, live and direct, so they too can 'feel the spirit'. I feel privileged to be given this opportunity.

Disco Music covers a wide range of styles of music and everyone will have a different opinion of what Disco Music is. Personally, it is music that is created that is either emotional, is evocative, has feeling or vibe or basically just sounds good! The first ‘Disco’ record I bought – Rubberband Man was at the time for me the pinnacle of music. It changed by mood, it made me want to dance, it lightened my mood and, at the age of 15 (in 1975) I embarked on a mission to find more music like this. I was drawn to Daddy Kool records, in Hanway Street just off Tottenham Court Road in London to seek out this exciting music. Being a diminutive little white fellow, I used to get some strange looks from some of the other clientele but ended up spending hours in there listening to the amazing music, and buying a few albums.